We consider a complaint not as an inconvenience but as an opportunity that can result in the customer having a more positive view of our business with ensuring we provide an excellent level of service that not only meets your expectations but leaves you satisfied even before you had a problem.

We are committed to bring out the best solutions to any of your complaints. This will in fact help us become more competent as an organization and hence we recommend you put forward your concerns to us even if they are minor. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the below advised channels;

We strongly recommend you to raise your concerns or complaints on [email protected] or you may alternatively contact us on 048754605.

We request you to submit your email with the subject of the product line you are placing the complaint for, along with relevant information of the service or product received to help us identify well and take quick actions accordingly. All written complaints will be logged in our official records. This will also allow us to identify issues and help improvise areas of concern. Our process to handle a complaint is given below in steps for your reference. The aim is to receive and acknowledge your complaints and conduct an investigation depending on the matter to help resolve and bring to you solution and satisfaction.
If you are not satisfied with the response from the Complaints Department, you may escalate the case to Capstone Insurance Compliance officer on [email protected]. If you find it necessary to further escalate the issue, you may approach the Insurance Authority (in all cases) with your complaint at their Customer Happiness Center on 800(CBUAE)22823 [email protected]. Alternatively, in case of medical issues you may approach Dubai Health Authority (

Complaints Process Flow

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