Complete Guide To Know About Travel Insurance Brokers

Travel Insurance Guide For UAE Resident Thanks to market demand and the growth of the insurance industry, there are now many insurance companies that offer travel insurance. While they all seem to offer the same policies and products, they are actually quite different on closer inspection. To get the best travel insurance, you would need […]

Travel Insurance Guide For UAE Resident

Thanks to market demand and the growth of the insurance industry, there are now many insurance companies that offer travel insurance. While they all seem to offer the same policies and products, they are actually quite different on closer inspection. To get the best travel insurance, you would need to carefully read through the fine print and analyze every term with deep scrutiny. That can be a very difficult task, which could take up a considerable amount of time, effort and resources. Fortunately, there is an easier solution to that problem.

Introduction to travel insurance brokers

A UAE travel insurance broker is an individual who offers professional advice on travel insurance UAE. In most cases, the travel insurance broker can also help negotiate on your behalf to get you the best UAE travel insurance.

Best travel insurance plans for UAE residents

  • Covers all possible risks
  • The best travel insurance UAE resident plans are those which provide extensive coverage against a significant amount of risk. There are many things that could go wrong while travelling ranging from simple things such as renting a car to more complex things such as medical emergencies and death. The best travel plan should offer effective coverage for any and all kinds of travel risks.

  • Inexpensive
  • The entire point of taking out an insurance coverage is so you won’t have to break the bank while trying to solve travel problems. As such, the best travel insurance plans are those that are inexpensive to purchase, maintain and cash out. Everything from the premiums to the deductibles should be within your manageable budget.

  • Provides coverage for more than one person
  • The best travel insurance plans in UAE are those that offer extensive coverage to more than one person. A quality travel plan should be one that covers the entire family and offers extensive coverage and reimbursement to and for all family members.

  • Protects against unconventional risks
  • There are those risks that have always existed with travel such as loss of luggage, theft and fraud, medical emergencies and more. Then there are those risks that are emerging with time such as terrorism and hostage-taking. A quality travel insurance plan should provide protection against these unconventional risks that we don’t often see or experience.

  • Should provide prompt reimbursement
  • Whether the reimbursement is for a cancelled ticket or the death of an individual, it should always be prompt. Delays in reimbursement are inconvenient and stressful, especially where travel is concerned since most issues are time sensitive. The reimbursement process on any plan should, therefore, be swift and effective even if the individual is in a remote area.

  • Should offer significant reimbursement/li>

    While an insurance policy might not offer enough reimbursement for a high-end lifestyle, it should offer enough reimbursement for a comfortable one. For instance, if you lost your luggage, the reimbursement should be enough to cover your luggage for whatever period of time you spend travelling even though it might not be enough for designer clothing.

    How UAE residents benefit from travel insurance brokers

  • Undivided interests
  • Travel insurance brokers in UAE work for the client and not for the insurance company. That means that the insurance broker works to ensure that the client’s interests are met and protected. The broker doesn’t represent the company so there aren’t any conflicts of interest and he/she can devote his/her full time to safeguarding your interests. In comparison, an insurance agent represents the insurance company. This means that his/her interests are divided. While they might want to help you, agents are bound to always put the company’s interests first meaning that they cannot be good representatives for your interests.

  • Commitment
  • The professional relationship that exists between an insurance broker and the client usually lasts for a lifetime. What this means for a UAE resident is that there is always a professional around to provide useful advice and service when necessary. It also means that the interests of the individual are always protected. This kind of commitment offers much-needed security and reassurance to individuals who often find that they don’t need to worry about such things as travel insurance any longer.

  • Prompt service delivery
  • Because of the reasons stated above, the travel insurance broker is always within reach to provide much-needed assistance. This means that UAE residents can always rest easy knowing that if they ever have to lay claim to their travel insurance policies, especially for emergencies, then they will be well taken care of.

  • Access to invaluable knowledge
  • Travel insurance brokers are great sources of knowledge in matters of travel insurance. As a UAE resident, working with a travel insurance broker means that you have access to all that knowledge. This can be very helpful in choosing your policy, looking through the benefits offered by the company and even predicting trends that have a significant influence on travel insurance. As such, you are always well-informed and ready to take active measures to protect your interests when and where necessary.

    Benefits of having travel insurance plan

  • Cushions you against travel risks
  • Travel is a risky venture and things don’t always go as planned or as expected. Unfortunately, travel risks are always time and resource sensitive which is greatly inconveniencing for travellers. A travel insurance plan provides the best solution for such risks, by helping to provide significant cover so that the travel is uninterrupted. Such risks include lost luggage, medical expenses, credit card fraud and more.

  • Provides significant reimbursement
  • Another key benefit of travel insurance UAE is that it offers reimbursement when you encounter problems that are covered in the policy. Often, you encounter situations that would be too costly to cover out of pocket. In such cases, the travel insurance is your best solution since it provides you with the required money to cover your expenses.

  • Eliminates stress
  • You would be less inclined to enjoy travelling if all you did was worry about risks and their consequences. With travel insurance, you always know that you are protected from all kinds of risks. You can, therefore, enjoy stress-free travel and focus on your purpose of travel wholeheartedly.

    Top 5 Travel Insurance companies in UAE

    • AXA Insurance Company
    • Capstone Insurance Company
    • RSA Insurance Company
    • Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
    • Alliance Insurance Company