About Capstone Insurance

About Capstone Insurance Brokers

Insurance- the very word triggers a flurry of reactions from people, from confusion to boredom to denial. Insurance is often despised for its sheer necessity, but underneath this perception lies a financial product that is simple, straight-forward and rewarding. We will change the way you look at it, forever.

We are Capstone Insurance, where new-age digital solutions make up the core of a thriving and innovative ecosystem.

We have been a trusted provider of a bouquet of insurance solutions to individuals and corporations. Over the years, our offerings have spanned insurance brokerage to advisory, savings, investments, and risk management solutions.

Capstone’s superior pedigree comes from its parent – the Innovations Group, an enterprise which has multiple businesses across the GCC and India with an annual turnover exceeding $400 million.

Our leadership team comprises of accomplished veterans who are supported by a solid team of passionate professionals.

We want to eliminate the noise and the jargon in Insurance. We want you to confidently speak about insurance like we do. We want to tell you how we plan to demystify it for you. We want you to like insurance.

Meet our founding folks

Dhruba Jyoti (DJ) Sengupta


Insurance veteran.

Previously with Citi as Head of EMEA


Kirtan Desai

Managing Director

Product & Distribution

Previously with Citi,ABN Amro


RS Prasad

Managing Partner & Head of Life Insurance.

21 years in the Insurance industry

Previously with Nexus & Zurich


Ashish Nanda

“Ashish Nanda holds a Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is also the founder and Managing Director of Innovations Group – one of the largest outsourcing companies in the financial sector employing over 7000 people and serving leading banks in the Middle East.”