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Travel Insurance In Dubai, UAE

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Jet, set, go…But wait, let’s get you covered first!

A business or, a leisure trip, the mountains or the seas, wherever you go next, a travel insurance will take care of any unexpected emergencies

Did you know?

  • Other than taking care of unforeseen circumstances, a travel insurance is also a mandatory requirement for most visa applications
  • Choose between an annual or single-trip cover

    Annual cover

  • Absolutely fuss-free! Insures multiple short-duration trips through the year, from inception date
  • Single-trip cover

  • As the name suggests, this option covers only one trip, and is an apt pick if you are planning on traveling only once in the near future
  • What’s covered?

  • Medical emergencies – All emergency medical treatments are covered
  • Delayed, damaged, lost or stolen baggage – Loss of personal belongings will be fully compensated; if your baggage is delayed, necessities will be provided for
  • Cancelled or delayed flights – if a delayed flight causes you to cancel your journey, or you do so for justifiable personal reasons, all travel and accommodation costs you’ve incurred will be reimbursed
  • Lost passport – Insures you against passport replacement costs

Planning an adventure, while you’re away?

Customize your insurance by adding the winter/ dangerous sports & activities benefit for added coverage

An expert claims helpdesk

A 24/7 helpline to ensure swift processing of your claims, and, to let you enjoy the convenience of driving as soon as possible.