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Health is wealth. We’ve heard and said this so often; it’s almost lost its essence now. Thanks to our busy schedules, we put our health on the back-burner, until, we can not anymore! Let’s take a moment to change this..

Get protected against unanticipated scenarios

It can be an unnerving experience when you or your loved ones fall ill. In addition, the daunting medical bills can really take a toll.
A medical cover can be a solid shoulder for you to lean on, during times like these

Tailored medical insurance plans

Whether you’re seeking a cover for yourself and your family, or for your employees, we’ll gauge all your requirements and customize an appropriate health cover, while bearing in mind your budget

What’s covered?

Though every plan is a bespoke solution for you, all of them cover a few basics:

  • All hospitalization costs, including medications, and diagnostic examinations
  • Doctor’s consultations, and pharmaceutical costs
  • A daily income insurance in case of an accident or hospitalization
  • Maternity cover for expecting women
  • Annual Diabetes screening
  • Bear in mind, that this is not an exhaustive list, and, benefits as per your needs can be added

    A helpful piece of advice

    If the above reasons are not convincing enough for you to get covered already, then it might help to know that having a medical insurance is a compulsory requirement for every resident in the UAE – get yours here!

An expert claims helpdesk

A 24/7 helpline to ensure swift processing of your claims, and, to let you enjoy the convenience of driving as soon as possible.