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General Insurance In Dubai, UAE

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Insurance isn’t just limited to your health, car, and life.Your house, that new yacht, the warehouse you own require just as much protection against any unforeseen events.
At Capstone, we do it the holistic way, to ensure you’re covered from all every aspects!

Worried about losing your income? Don’t be!

We are looking out for you, to insure you against any income losses resulting from that unanticipated fire, or a breakdown of your factory’s assembly line

Customized financial planning solutions

Comprises, but is not limited to credit, personal indemnity, and product liability insurance. We’ll design bespoke plans to fit all your specific needs

There’s that, and much more

Extensive credit, and, marine insurance plans, aviation covers, property and fire protection plans, and much more are offered, right here, at Capstone!

An expert claims helpdesk

A 24/7 helpline to ensure swift processing of your claims, and, to let you enjoy the convenience of driving as soon as possible.