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Comprehensive or Third Party – Take your pick

    Third Party

  • In the case where an accident is deemed your fault, a 3rd party cover provides a full-fledged indemnity for people, vehicles, and property that sustain any resulting damage.
    Beware, any damage you or your car suffer is not compensated for
  • Comprehensive

  • If you’re seeking an extensive insurance cover, this is a more fitting option. Unlike a 3rd party cover, this alternative also provides for claims raised against any damage to you or your vehicle
  • Comprehensive cover offers 2 choices:

  • Agency repair: With this option, you will take your car to the dealer’s authorized workshop for repairing damage resulting from an accident
  • Non-agency Repair: One of the insurance provider’s licensed garages will undertake your vehicle’s repair. This option usually costs lesser than its counterpart.
  • Did you know?

  • If you frequently travel to Oman by road, then having an Oman cover as part of your auto insurance is essential. Most options include this feature; for the ones that don’t, this benefit can be added for a couple hundred dirhams.
  • We may not realize until it happens to us; but, a replacement car can be such a life-saver. Especially true during times when doing without a vehicle would be practically impossible. Our advice – always opt for it.

Speedy issuance

It’s a super-easy process. Just choose your insurance, provide the required documents, have your policy delivered, and voila, you’re ready to hit the road!
Of course, alternatively, you could always drop in to say hello, and pick your policy too

    Bought a new high-end luxury vehicle? Pamper it with High Net Worth Car Insurance!

    Includes benefits like

  • Lifetime agency repair
  • European coverage
  • Executive replacement car
  • Damage protection across all GCC countries
  • Protected no claim bonus, even when you’re at fault
  • Complete accident & breakdown recovery

An expert claims helpdesk

A 24/7 helpline to ensure swift processing of your claims, and, to let you enjoy the convenience of driving as soon as possible.